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Brothers and Veterans, Simon and Jacob here to change the negative stigma throughout the Real Estate industry - one purchase at a time.

We believe in sharing the power of Property Investing through guidance and education

Why JSC Property?

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Buyer's Advocacy

We manage the entire buying process from end-to-end. This includes creating a strategy, arranging finance, sourcing the property, and ongoing property management. We source properties Australia-wide to maximise opportunities, growth, and cashflow requirements. With us by your side, the daunting process of buying becomes easy.

ADF benefits

ADF Benefits and Discounts

Whilst we believe in helping any investor create wealth and financial freedom through property, we particularly aim to support serving and ex-serving members through offering Defence discounts. We are both ex-servicemen and we understand the ins and outs of ADF entitlements including HPAS, HPSEA, and DHOAS.

Investment Property Book

Property Education

We believe that anyone who wants to invest in real estate should be able to do so confidently, that’s why we’re an independent Buyer’s Agency with a strong educational focus. We provide knowledge and industry insights through our social media accounts, our blog posts in collaboration with Brainz Magazine, and most recently our book "Shortcut to Freedom"

What is a Buyers Agent?

Purchasing a property independently can often feel daunting and overwhelming. However, having a guiding hand throughout the process not only alleviates the pressure but also positions you more favourably in the long run. Like many endeavours in life, receiving timely and effective support from the right partner can prove invaluable.

A skilled buyer’s agent serves as a crucial ally, offering market insights, devising strategic plans, handling all necessary legwork and property inspections, and connecting you with a team of top-notch advisors. Their expertise extends to negotiating the most favourable terms and ensuring the acquisition of a property that perfectly aligns with your immediate and future objectives. Ultimately, the buyer’s agent’s primary objective is to streamline the purchasing journey, making it as straightforward and stress-free as possible

The JSC Difference

Had enough of the smoke and mirrors in the property game? We hear you loud and clear. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all – the shady agents, the false promises, the high-pressure sales tactics.

But here at JSC Property Investments, we’re rewriting the rulebook. We believe in keeping it real, every step of the way. No tricks, no gimmicks – just straight-up honesty and authenticity.

So, what sets us apart?


No BS* Policy

Handpicked Recommendations

Our Incentives Align

From our very first chat to the final handshake, expect nothing but genuine, transparent communication. We’re not here to sell you a dream – we’re here to help you build one.

We don’t just throw properties at you and hope for the best. Each recommendation is handpicked, backed by meticulous research and analysis. If we wouldn’t invest in it ourselves, we won’t recommend it to you.

Our only incentive is to get you the best performing property – so you come back to us sooner! Our investment strategy is all about finding that sweet spot – maximum growth with minimal risk. If we make you the most money, you’re more likely to return for seconds!


We charge a fixed fee of $9,000, which includes our entire service. This fee will never exceed $9,000. We are not incentivized by builders or developers; our sole payment comes from our clients. So our only incentive is to find the best deal possible for our clients, ensuring they return to us sooner for their next purchase!

Furthermore, we are proud to offer a 10% discount for ADF/Veterans and Emergency Services personnel. This discount applies to our entire fee and is our way of showing appreciation for their service.

Keep it simple stupid!

If you want the best chance of growth, and lowest risk consider the following:

    1. Focus on acquiring houses near bustling city hubs such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, considering infrastructure and government spending.
    2. Prioritize properties close to city centres or major lifestyle areas for optimal investment potential.
    3. Aim for high rental yields and low vacancy rates. You want a reliable tenant as quickly as possible to cover your expenses
    4. If you want to make as much money as possible – AVOID locations with easy access to land or abundant product availability.
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Embark on your property investment journey with confidence

At JSC Property Investments, we understand the importance of making informed decisions. That's why we're offering you a complimentary consultation with our expert buyer's agent. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your investment goals, gain insights into the current real estate landscape, and explore how our tailored services can help you achieve success.

                                   HOW WE CAN HELP YOU                               

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We’re thrilled to share that JSC Property Investments is teaming up with Brainz Magazine for an exciting collaboration! 
Our journey begins with an exclusive interview featuring Jacob and Simon Camilleri, diving into revolutionary ideas in Australian property investing. READ IT HERE 
Brainz Magazine is a global platform focusing on entrepreneurship, personal development, leadership, and lifestyle. Together, we aim to inspire and motivate, advocating for your happiness and success!
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